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How To: Manage Card

Card Management

Turn your debit card on or off, report it lost or stolen, re-order a card, or activate a new card from the Card Management card.  Contact us (Opens in a new Window) if you are having any difficulty managing your card. Your success is important to us!

Online & Mobile Instructions

  1. Go to the CVNB Login Page

  2. From the Card Management card tap the debit card that you would like to manage

  3. To submit a Travel Notice: Tap the airplane Icon in the right corner to alert CVNB of your travel plans and dates.
    NOTE: Limited to 1 (one) travel alert at a time, per card

  4. To temporarily lock the debit card, slide the green button to the off position

  5. To unlock the debit card, slide the button back to green/active

  6. To report the card lost or stolen, select Report lost/stolen

    NOTE: This action cannot be undone.

  7. To re-order a card, select Re-order card

  8. To activate a new card, select Activate new card

As of March 27, 2023, the existing MyCardRules app was disabled. You will no longer need the MyCardRules app to manage your debit card. After logging into our mobile banking app, you’ll see this function referenced as Card Management.

Need Help?

Contact one of our friendly service representatives by calling 800.999.3126, or click the button to fill out a contact form. 

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CVNB is in 7 cities with 15 locations throughout Kentucky.