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Telephone Banking

CVNB OnCall - Telephone Banking

With OnCall you can hear account balances, transaction history, transfer funds, and more - anytime, from your telephone.

  • Touch tone - by pressing a number on your keypad, you can select the menu option
  • Voice recognition - by pressing 8* you can say the menu option
To enroll in this service you will need the following information available:
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Account Number
  • Call toll-free 844-403-9106. When calling for the first time, you will be prompted to create a PIN
  • (minimum of 8 to maximum of 10 digits)
You can use the following numbers to access different features:

Option # Menu Option
1 Account Balance
2 Account History and Future Dated Transactions
3 Funds Transfer or Make a Payment
4 Debit Card or ATM Card Menu
5 Stop Payment
6 Get Bank Information
7 Report a Credit Card Lost or Stolen
8 Change CVNB OnCall PIN
9 Additional Options
0 Transfer to Operator

Global Commands

At anytime during the call, customers can press the global commands below:

Command Description
8* Voice recognition
1* Help Menu
3* Main Menu
* Go Back
5* Skip
# Repeat
7* Hang Up
0 Operator

An Upgraded Online & Mobile Banking Experience!

We are excited to announce that we've upgraded our online and mobile banking to serve you better! The new platform offers all the banking tools you have come to expect.

A young woman holding a smartphone and a sheet of paper.

Online Bill Pay

Put the pen down. With CVNB you can pay all of your bills online.
What could be simpler?