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Trust Portfolio
Trust Portfolio
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Business Cash & Gift Cards

The Cash Card and Gift Card are prepaid stored value MasterCards®.

The Cash Card and Gift Card can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted in the United States.

Cash Card (Reloadable)

The reloadable Cash Card is a stored value Debit MasterCard® that can be reloaded as funds are needed. The reloadable Cash Card can be used for a variety of purposes such as Internet, ATM withdrawals, purchases, employee travel expenses within the United States. The reloadable Cash Card may be purchased with a minimum amount of $25.00 and the maximum amount of $2,500.00.

Gift Card (Non-reloadable)

The non-reloadable Gift Card is a stored value Debit MasterCard® designed for one time use. The non-reloadable Gift Card makes a great gift and can be purchased in amounts from $25.00 to $500.00.

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Leasing Equipment

Over the past decade, leasing has become one of the most popular methods of equipment acquisition.
We’ll help you find the best lease for your business.