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Equipment Financing

CVNB provides all types of financing options for your business equipment needs. Whether you need to lease the equipment or obtain a traditional loan, we can work together to find what is best for your business.


If you are buying new or used equipment, or wanting to refinance existing equipment to save money - CVNB is interested in helping you achieve your business goals. Our rates are competitive and we offer flexible repayment terms. 


Over the past decade, leasing has become one of the most popular methods of equipment acquisition. We are pleased to make this type of financing alternative available. At CVNB we offer capital or finance leases. Let us help you find the best for your business.

Why lease?

  • Conserves Cash
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Accelerated Asset Write-Off (true Lease)
  • Off-Balance Sheet Financing
  • Flexible Payments
  • 100% Financing
  • Simplifies Accounting
  • Eliminates Capital Expenditure (Process)

The creative leasing advantage

  • Community Bank Partnership
  • Endorsed by the Kentucky Bankers Association
  • Local Representation and Service
  • Over Twenty-Five years of Leasing Experience
  • Innovative Leasing Products:
  • Seasonal & Step-Up Payment Plans
  • Fixed & Floating Rates
  • Tax Preferred Vehicle Leases
  • Operating & Capital Leases
  • Ask about our tax preferred vehicle lease for companies!

Still not convinced?

After Tax Cost Comparison Lease vs. Loan
Equipment Cost: $100,000.00
Term: 48 months
Monthly Payments
Loan $2,465.00
Lease $2,418.00
Tax Benefit 40% 

After Tax Loan Cost
Loan Total Costs 2,465 x 48 Months = $118,320.00
Tax Deduction Depreciation $ 68,760.00
Interest on Loan $ 18,320.00
Total $ 87,080.00
Tax Benefit At 40% Rate $(34,832.00)
After Tax Cost of Loan $83,488.00

After Tax Lease Cost
Lease Total Costs 2,418 x 48 Months = $116,064.00
Purchase Option $10,000.00
Total Tax Deductions $126,064.00
Tax Benefit @ 40% Rate $(50,426.00)
After Tax Cost of Lease $75,638.00

Lease Savings $7,850.00