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Commercial Lines of Credit

Open a commercial line of credit

When your business needs capital, we have specialized loan solutions to carry you through.

The value of small business

CVNB looks out for businesses and the value they bring to communities throughout Kentucky. That’s why we offer flexible small-business financing solutions with competitive rates to keep your operation running smoothly without interruption. We’re especially proud to offer women-owned business lending and minority-owned business loans.

Commercial loans
We know your business can have specific capital needs and operational challenges. CVNB has commercial loan options to help you start or expand your business, purchase equipment Business line of credit
A commercial line may be the right solution when you need to purchase equipment, fulfill large purchase orders or undergo office repairs. Talk to CVNB about how your business can use a line of credit, small business equity line or rotating line of credit to manage cash flow while covering major expenses.

Commercial real estate loans
Where you do business matters. Turn to CVNB for expert financing on commercial property acquisition scenarios, with construction loans, development loans and permanent loans with variable interest rates. CVNB also offers construction-to-permanent loans on commercial properties.

Agriculture loans
Agriculture is a vital part of our local communities and heritage, and we’re here to help farm families succeed. Our lenders take a deep dive to understand your farming operation and offer credit solutions ranging from livestock, equipment and crop loans to real estate loans and lines of credit. Reach out to our bankers for our agricultural offerings.

A CVNB-issued MasterCard® gives your business flexible, accessible credit. Designate authorized users and spending limits, and track spending. You’ll also get 24/7 fraud monitoring and support from your local banker.

Q. What is the difference between a business loan versus a line of credit?
A. A business loan can be different uses, such as purchase real estate, purchase equipment, leasehold improvements, etc. it is more of a one-time check to your business for purchasing. A line of credit is available to the business for expenses related to the business, such as accounts payable, inventory, equipment, or payroll. A line of credit is designed to be paid down to $0 multiple times within a year, revolving. A business loan is more permanent financing with a fixed payment and fixed terms.
Q. What can a business line of credit be used for?
A. Inventory, accounts payable, payroll, equipment, business expenses, large purchases, etc.
Q. How do I get a line of credit for my business with CVNB?
A. Make an appointment with a local lender to discuss your business and your specific needs.
Q. Should I get a small business credit card instead of a line of credit?
A. Use of funds is a huge factor with choosing between a credit card and line of credit. Line of credit is more for less frequent larger purchases or expenses, in which you will need to contact your lender to make a draw. A credit card is better for everyday expenses, gas, business meals, day to day transactions, etc.

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