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Apply for a credit card

Do you want a credit card with a personal touch?

Cumberland Valley National Bank offers just that, with a MasterCard® made to fit your lifestyle.

Which MasterCard® is for you...

  • Classic MasterCard® - a card for those looking for a lower credit limit with reward points for great gifts and/or travel rewards.
  • Gold MasterCard® - a card with a higher credit limit with reward points for great gifts and/or travel rewards.
  • Platinum MasterCard® - a card with the largest buying power with limits $5,000 plus. This card offers 1% cash back on every purchase paid in December of each year.

You can also pick up an application at any of our branches.

Annual percentage rate is a variable rate based on the prime rate. Classic MasterCards are prime + 10%, Gold MasterCards are prime + 5% and Platinum MasterCard are 9.99% fixed. Annual percentage rate is computed on your average daily balance with a grace period of 25 days for repayment of the balance. Your APR will not be less than 8% or more than 21.00% on our Platinum, Classic and Gold MasterCards. Classic and Gold MasterCard® Late Fees are up to $10.00. MasterCard® Platinum Late Payment Fee is up to $30.00.
SecureLOCK Equipment App
  • Prevent fraud if your card is lost or stolen
  • Control spending by setting limits on withdrawals or transactions
  • Customize spending ability by online, mobile or in-store purchases
  • Block international or out-of-area transactions 
Download for your device1:

1 available for iOS and Android.  Download at the Apple App Store® and Google Play Store™  

CVNB MasterCard®

  • 24 hour toll free customer service | 1.800.299.9842
  • Local customer service | 1.800.999.3126 | Monday – Friday | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST1
  • MasterCard® Accepted Worldwide

  • Easy to use in your mobile wallet
1 Excluding federal holidays.