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Manage my cash flow

Treasury Management Services

CVNB is looking out for local businesses with treasury management services.

We know that business owners need efficient tools to manage business finances and empower them to maintain and grow their enterprise. By taking the time time to understand your business’s needs, our commercial lenders can offer a variety of secure, convenient treasury management services to ensure cash flow and let your enterprise thrive.

Merchant Services & Payment Processing

Connect to your customers with seamless sales transactions, wherever your business takes you. CVNB offers a suite of merchant services to streamline point-of-sale transactions and mobile payment processing, including:
• Debit and credit card payment acceptance
• Recurring payments
• Smart phone and iPad credit card processing
• Gift cards and check services

Remote Deposit Capture

CVNB’s Remote Deposit Capture tools provides more convenience to business owners. Benefit from improved cash flow and available funds with fast and secure deposits and check processing outside regular bank hours.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) origination

ACH origination is one of the most beneficial transaction tools for businesses that regularly process payments. With ACH, you can make timely electronic direct payments to vendors and direct deposits, including payroll.

CVNB also provides solutions to simplify online transfers for business transactions, including deposits, withdrawals and initiating wire transfers.

Talk to a CVNB banker to see how ACH origination can make it easier to do business transactions.

Positive Pay

Safeguard your business against check check fraud with Positive Pay service. CVNB uses Positive Pay to verify the checks a company issues with those it presents for payment. Suspect or flagged checks are sent back to the issuer for examination.

Sweep Accounts

CVNB’s sweep accounts offerings help small businesses manage cash flow and minimize idle cash while maximizing investment earnings.

With our sweep account services, your business can automatically transfer money from a checking account to a higher interest-earning mutual fund at the end of the business day. And if the checking account balance dips below a set balance, money from the mutual fund are automatically deposited to the checking account.
Talk to a CVNB commercial banker about sweep accounts options for your business.

Manage my business cash flow

CVNB understands that from time to time, your business need assistance in managing cash flow. Factors like seasonal slowdowns or delays in customers making payments can impact your company’s financial growth and health. CVNB’s commercial lenders can take a comprehensive look at your business’s challenges to find the right solutions.

A line of credit can provide short-term access to cash when it’s needed most. They can also determine if there’s equity in the business’s assets that can be used as collateral to secure a loan. Our lenders can also review existing debt and guide you on a repayment structure that best fits your situation.

CVNB is here to help local businesses thrive in their communities. Talk to a banker about how their treasury management services and cash management solutions can make your business even more successful.


Q. What treasury management services are offered by CVNB?

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Q. Can CVNB help us streamline our transactions and cash flow management?

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Q. How do I get better reporting on my company’s liquidity and financial health?

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Q. Which Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems does your Treasury Management Systems (TMS) connect to?

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