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How To: Manage Your CVNB Debit Card

Card Management

Turn your CVNB debit card on or off, report it lost or stolen, re-order a card, or activate a new card on your CVNB mobile app or online banking using the Card Management feature.  Contact us (Opens in a new Window) if you are having any difficulty managing your card. Your success is important to us!

Online & Mobile Instructions

  1. Go to the CVNB Login Page

  2. From the Card Management card tap the debit card that you would like to manage

  3. To submit a Travel Notice: Tap the airplane Icon in the right corner to alert CVNB of your travel plans and dates.
    NOTE: Limited to 1 (one) travel alert at a time, per card

  4. To temporarily lock the debit card, slide the green button to the off position

  5. To unlock the debit card, slide the button back to green/active

  6. To report the card lost or stolen, select Report lost/stolen

    NOTE: This action cannot be undone.

  7. To re-order a card, select Re-order card

  8. To activate a new card, select Activate new card

Need Help?

Contact one of our friendly service representatives by calling 800.999.3126, or click the button to fill out a contact form. 

Find a Branch Near You

CVNB is in 7 cities with 15 locations throughout Kentucky.