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Our Executive Team

The people in your corner. Not just the corner office.

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Elmo Greer

Whitney Greer

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Ron Hart

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Tim Edwards

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Jeff Weaver

President and Chief Executive Officer
Elmo serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board.
Executive Vice President
Whitney oversees the Wealth Management, Brokerage, and Insurance divisions of CVNB. She is also involved with Marketing and serves on the CVFC Board of Directors.
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ron is the Chief Financial Officer and also oversees all Operations, Retail, and Branches. In addition, Ron serves on the Executive Management, Personnel and Management Loan Committees and assists in the management of the bank’s Credit function.
Executive Vice President
Tim supervises the lending staff that provides commercial, mortgage and consumer loans. Each of CVNB's Market Presidents, and the Home Loan Supervisor,  report directly to Tim.
Executive Vice President
Jeff serves as the bank's General Counsel and oversees the legal matters of the bank on a day to day basis, provides strategic legal advice for bank management and serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors.