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Executive Team

The Visionaries Driving CVNB's Success

CVNB's executive team comprises a dynamic group of visionary leaders with diverse expertise and extensive experience in the banking industry. Their strategic guidance and unwavering commitment drive our success and ensure that we continue to provide exceptional financial services to our valued customers. Get to know the faces behind our executive team and discover the individuals who lead our organization with passion and dedication.

Elmo Greer

Elmo Greer profile picture

Chief Executive Officer
Elmo serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board at CVNB, leading the bank with exceptional vision and expertise.
With his extensive experience in the banking industry, Elmo provides strategic direction and oversees the bank's overall operations,
ensuring its continued growth and success. Under his guidance, CVNB remains committed to delivering innovative
financial solutions and exceptional customer experiences, solidifying its position as a trusted community bank.

Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards profile picture

Executive Vice President,
Chief Lending Officer

Ron Hart

Ron Hart profile picture

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Weaver

Jeff Weaver profile picture

Executive Vice President,
General Counsel
Tim oversees our lending staff responsible for providing a range of loans including commercial, mortgage, and consumer loans. As part of his responsibilities, Tim directly manages CVNB's Market Presidents and the Home Loan Supervisor, ensuring seamless collaboration and exceptional service across our lending operations. Tim serves on the Board of Directors.
As the Chief Financial Officer, Ron holds a pivotal role at CVNB, where he provides strategic leadership and oversight to our Financial Operations and IT departments. His expertise ensures the effective management of our financial resources and the seamless integration of technology throughout our operations. Jeff serves as CVNB's General Counsel, overseeing the bank's legal matters on a day-to-day basis. His strategic legal advice provides valuable guidance to bank management, enabling informed decision-making and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Whitney Greer

Executive Vice President,
Trust Officer

Susan Cunigan

Senior Vice President,
Chief Operations Officer

Benjamin Wilbanks

Senior Vice President,
Chief Credit Officer

Whitney plays a key role at CVNB, overseeing the Wealth Management, Brokerage, and Insurance divisions.  She actively contributes to the bank's Marketing department, and brings her valuable insights and contributions as a member of the Board of Directors.
Susan oversees the bank's Operations, Retail Banking, and Business Continuity. Her strategic leadership ensures the efficient and secure functioning of the bank's operations, while managing potential risks. Susan ensures that CVNB operates seamlessly, providing exceptional services to our valued customers while upholding the highest standards of security and risk management.
Ben assumes a critical role in overseeing the credit administration of the bank. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Ben ensures the proper management and evaluation of credit risks, supporting the bank's lending activities. His strategic leadership and keen attention to detail contribute to maintaining a robust credit portfolio while adhering to regulatory requirements.